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    • Exports of waste paper from Ukraine
      31 августа 2016 в 09:18 | 39 | Украина / Киевская область

      It should be noted that the situation is waste paper business in Ukraine is quite unstable: permanent imports of waste paper suggests that we do not have enough raw materials for processing and the manufacture of paper products, as part of export indicates that we do not have enough funds for the existence of such enterprises. Especially this fact is important because in Russia and Belarus, Germany and Turkey - countries that exported the largest amount of waste paper, waste paper price for many times more than in Ukraine. It immediately solves the cause of the lack of waste paper that the citizens of Ukraine simply discarded, useless estimating the proportion of income for her. Exported, among other things, up to 44% of the waste paper in Ukraine. Most of the exported raw materials sent to Moldova - Chisinau CCP is the largest pererabotochnym now in Moldova and in Ukraine is preparing procurement... далее

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