The preliminary filter «DANKER»

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  • The preliminary filter «DANKER»
  • The preliminary filter «DANKER»

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The pre-filter is filter of advance cleaning of various vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, flax, corn, mustard, cotton, etc ...), immediately after the spinning process.

It is designed for barrier filtration of liquids of different viscosities.

It is also used for filter of various liquids, solutions, suspensions, syrups, wine, juices, vegetables and technical oils, fuel oil, heating oil, etc.

Accuracy and productivity of filtration are made in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

We produce pre-filters with different capacities from 100-10000 liters per hour.

The self-cleaning system removes dirt from the filter surface, which increases the service life of the filter.

It has a high quality filtration without reducing the flow of filtered liquid.

It equipped pumping station, automatics and self-cleaning control panel.

Work offline.

It serves one person.

It is easy in usage.

It is reliable.

It saved your work-time and resources.

It has high productivity and quality filtration.

The equipment undergoes a complete quality control process and is fully ready for connection.

Filter "DANKER" is saving your resources and time.


"DANKER - UKRAINE" Kharkiv Ukraine

"DANKER - POLAND" Gdansk Poland

We work without breaks and weekends from 08:00 to 18:00.

We are waiting for your calls.

Our experts are qualified to advise you and answer your questions.


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